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About us

We are a proudly South African business, our national footprint ensures we can service large customers in South Africa and Globally, and we pride ourselves on the provision of high-quality innovative health, beauty, and cleaning products.

our mission

The mission of Livingfreeglobal is to provide access globally to the best product in servicing our members globally and to see everyone globally become financial independence.

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our vision

Our vision is to supply a healthy and strong product that will help people to live a strong , clean, and healthy life

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living free global products
Eco-friendly products

Natural soaps are made using various natural sources, which also include organic ingredients


protects your hose from bacteria


Be clean. be aromatic. Be desirable.


Natural antioxidant-enriched soap

Quality products

Give your house a Fresh aroma.

livingfreeglobal pine gel
clean ingredients
living free global pine gel
quality assured